Salsabeel green school, located at Kiraloor in Thrissur district, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a lush green ambiance is quite ideal for children to grow and hone up every aspect of their personality.

The school is keen on initiating students to feel and think beyond the barriers of religion, caste, community etc., inculcating a sense of togetherness and responsibility and molding them to intervene fearlessly and constructively in the society so as to transform themselves and make the world a better place to live.

In SALSABEEL GREEN SCHOOL children learn to identify themselves and undertake various tasks, see the world without prejudice, think freely, and shape their views and work independently to achieve the aspired goal. Subsequently children are guided to enhance skills and talents. They are encouraged to shoulder leadership responsibilities. Special attention is always given to ensure the involvement of each student in every activity.

Children at SALSABEEL develop critical thinking and awareness by being regularly exposed to environment issues and social movements taking place around them in the country. Over the years, every student of SALSABEEL has developed a mind-set to be a part of the solution to people's problems and has persistently expressed their solidarity to people who are downtrodden and side lined.

They are given ample opportunities and resources to develop their minds through reflection, discussion, and interaction with leading personalities in the country who visit the school at times.

Students are taken to extensive educational expeditions to various parts of the country to understand experience and explore the cultural diversity and life in different region. SALSABEEL GREEN SCHOOL strongly believes that education is the most significant tool for social change. Students have been a part of several relief activities at areas hit by calamity across the country.

Education in SALSABEEL extends beyond the boundaries of textbooks. Extreme care is taken to safeguard the innocence and purity of a child’s heart amidst all sorts of exposure to the external world. They play, enjoy and experience childhood while learning 4 periods a day each followed by a short interval. Kinship thrives among the children of the school.

The school upholds the motto that “everything is for sharing”. They are encouraged to give support, show concern, and exhibit empathy without expectation of rewards. Students are supported in their efforts to become contributing members of the society.

We dream of remaining as an independently working institution that aims to provide quality education especially to the girl child and also render charity to the needy.



Salsabeel, in its pursuit of “Learning without burden” and a holistic education, is not just a school. It’s a family where your child is led hand in hand, through the path of righteousness to develop a value based and ethical outlook on life and thereby become a worthy individual and lifelong learner, without depriving them of their childhood, their most beautiful and formative years. To impart education by upholding a secular perspective within the School community.

We are no. 1…WHY?



  • Children spend approximately 6-8 hours a day with a teacher for about 10 months.
  • Warm caring relationship with teachers is a central part of the schools culture.
  • Teachers are encouraged to blend their warmth and firmness towards the students with realistic limits as we realize that teachers who demonstrate respect towards their children automatically win favor by having active learners in their classroom.



  • Our students develop lasting relationships with the natural world, while building resilience and leadership.
  • Learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endure competition.
  • Acquire holistic learning and development through a wide variety of academic / outdoor learning, extra-curricular activities and extended expeditions.