Social Movements

We develop a mindset eager to be a part of peoples’ problems, events, express our solidarity and participate in peoples’ protest for social causes concerning injustices that demands action. Better awareness of compassion and understanding connect the students to a wider world.

Salsabeel Green strongly believes that education is one of the influential instruments to bring social justice in the society for a social change. This vision ultimately related us with the people’s movements and NAPM, an alliance of movements led by renowned social activist Smt.MedhaPatkar.  We have participated in various struggles throughout India from Ayodhya to Narmada and Koodamkulam .

Children of Salsabeel were dynamically present with the relief activities when Nagapattanam  was hit by Tsunami, flood devastated Uttarakhand in 2013 and in the flood effected areas in Chennai in 2017 and in Kerala in 2018. This has considerably helped children to build up their minds to tide over crises in their life .

Students of Salsabeel participated in  peace march from Ayodhya to Ajmer and Ayodhya to Srinagar that helped create thoughts and ideas in children about the diverse cultural orientations , topography , language and life in different parts of the country.