Salsabeel is an alternative and sustainable educational concept laid by Mr. P T M Hussain, a leading educationalist, philanthropist and the founder of Salsabeel Green School.

Mr. Hussain has spent four decades of his life in the realm of education, engrossed in research, implementation and practice of innovative methods to improve and maintain qualitative skills of children. Mr. Hussain is well into charity activities especially focused on the upliftment of girls. He successfully introduced an alternative educational system well ahead of the implementation of DPEP in Kerala. He is committed for ensuring mental and intellectual development of children in order to suit them take up challenging social responsibilities.

For the first time in Kerala he took the children from Std I – IV off the burden of examination. He broke the four walled concept, of teaching and took the class to shades of trees. This brought the concept of open, nature friendly class that would enable children to think broad and strengthen the minds. His educational reforms include the daring reform he introduced for kindergarten tots to walk freely without the burden of school bag, books, water bottle, tiffin box etc.

In 2006, Mr. Hussain and his wife Sainaba established Salsabeel Green School, affiliated to CBSE at Kiraloor in Thrissur district in Kerala. Renowned social activist Medha Patkar laid the foundation stone of the school on 19th November 2006. Much beyond all the ongoing commercialized education models, they worked to provide child centered education, where students are treated and groomed as assets for future.

Salsabeel has actively taken part in various people’s struggles and relief works across the country for the cause of upholding justice, equality and fraternity.

Prominent personalities from social cultural and educational streams visit the school to share their experiences to refine, purify and broaden the thoughts of children.