Educational Visit

Education in Salsabeel extends beyond the boundaries of textbooks by sharpening the weapons like reading, writing, thinking, observing and travelling.
Besides the internal activities in the school that develop the children, they are given the opportunity and resources to broaden their minds through reflection, discussion, and interaction with leading personalities during various educational visits. Students also undertake significant journeys to understand and explore their country and the contrasting conditions and life of the people in different regions.
The Kerala Yatra through the 14 districts of Kerala to explore real life named as ‘Ammaye Ariyan, Nadine Ariyan’ is a part of molding children into free-thinking individuals.
Visit to Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Milia, IIT Kanpur and various remarkable educational institutions inspire children to cherish lofty dreams.
A visit to IAS Training Centre in Mussoorie, a step towards the fulfillment of dreams.

Charity and relief 
Flood Relief work at Uttarakhand
Relief for the victims of the demolition of slums in Mumbai
Flood relief work in Chennai
Kerala flood relief

Peace March 
Participated in a peace march from Ayodhya to Ajmer
Participated in a peace march from Ayodhya to Amritsar