1. Parents / Guardians of day scholars should ensure that their children are regular and punctual in
    attending school and they prepare their lessons properly at home every day.
  2. Ensure the neatness of students in uniform, combing hair, polishing shoes and wearing identity card.
  3. Ensure that students have taken sufficient breakfast.
  4. Ensure the maintenance of timetable of school.
  5. Ensure that their children are not wearing any type of ornaments, watches, and flowers when he/she is in the school uniform.
  6. Try to avoid outings, tours, visits to relatives, during the working days of the school.
  7. Ensure that leave letters for their wards are reached in time.
  8. Guide the students to read the portions covered 5 times regularly.
  9. Ensure that communications and circulars from the school are read and necessary steps are taken.
  10. Ensure that works assigned from the school are done and submitted on the prescribed date.
  11. Ensure the submission of news review on all Mondays
  12. Guide and encourage the students to wake up at 5 ‘o'clock and sleep before 10 o'clock.
  13. Guide and encourage the students to write the time management diary honestly.
  14. All activities of the school are learning experience. Encourage and ensure the participation of students.
  15. Encourage and allow students to mingle, play and visit their relatives.
  16. Additional holidays will be informed through a diary or through telephone by the group leader.
  17. Install a TV and computer in the commonplace of the house and minimize its usage.
  18. Avoid unnecessary remarks about teachers or school in the presence of students.
  19. Ensure the participation of parents in the programs held in the school.
  20. Avoid Private tuition, encourage and advise students to clear
    doubts from the class itself.
  21. Parents / Guardians will get all the information regarding
    the student from the office.