Salsabeel Green School

Salsabeel Green School is managed by Kadheeja Mohamed Ali Charitable & Educational Trust. The campus situated in a serene atmosphere, surrounded by plants and trees, is located at Kiraloor, 17 kms away from Thrissur town away from the maddening crowd and polluted environment.

Salsabeel Green School, with its pursuit of ‘learning without burden’ and holistic education, is not just a school. Green symbolizes life. It’s a place where your child, without depriving them of their childhood, is led through the path of righteousness to become a worthy individual who awakens to the demands of the society and seeks all-inclusive refinement.



Each child is a gift from God: unique, talented and virtuous in his own way, which goes unnoticed and unexplored. We assure to tap and nurture this virtues, potentials, competencies & capabilities of each child and to transform them to excel and make the world a better place to live. Moreover our earnest endeavor is also to instill in the child positive values and virtues which can only be the basis of human integrity and social dignity.Providing positive teacher-student relationship which is more like family; encompassed by an atmosphere of serenity and bonded together with mutual love and respect. Recognizing the right of the child to be heard; they express their views freely and all decisions are taken in consensus.


SALSABEEL GREEN,(CBSE Affiliated), as the name implies, is located away from the din and bustle of the town, in a very scenic, serene and most ideal environment…


Salsabeel believes that classrooms should facilitate children to attain different streams of learning to benefit common logic and wisdom and progress as a capable individual…


Emulating the Gurukul tradition, the resident students stays in the same house as the guru. All students live together as equals, irrespective of their age, caste, gender and…

Educational Visit

Education in Salsabeel extends beyond the boundaries of textbooks by sharpening the weapons like reading, writing, thinking, observing and travelling.Besides the internal activities in school that develop the children, they are given the…

Social Issues

We develop a mind-set eager to be part of peoples problems, events and express their solidarity and participate in people protest for social causes concerning injustices that demands action. Better awareness of compassion ….

Work Experience

opportunity to realize respect and honor the value of scarifies of people around us trained to do every work such as cooking, agriculture, broom stick making ,cleaning, and innovative works like paper bag making etc. experience …


It is upto You

One smile begins a friendship,
One touch can show your care,
One hope will raise your spirits,
One voice speak with wisdom,
One step must start each journey,
One life can make the difference,
You see, it is up to you


Salsabeel Green School,
CBSE  Affiliated
Near Arampilli,
Kiraloor P O Thrissur 680 601
Tel: 04885 288805, 9447375279